In the name of keeping myself on track, here it is. My very complete, very painful list of WIPs, UFOs, On-Decks, and Ditched. I'll do my best to keep this updated as I go! I post pics of my completed projects on my blog, or you can find them on Flickr.

Recent Completions


Baby Quilt #1: Done! Didn't quite make March 1 but April 13 is close enough, right? 


February 2018 Sew Sampler Box Table Runner: Done! The charm packs were Moda Mama's Cottage by April Rosenthal of Prarie Grass Patterns. I don't recall the name of the pattern included in the box but it's just snowball blocks. Random is hard. It took me awhile to lay out the blocks so I wouldn't end up with two of the same fabric or same print in different color ways right up against each other, and I still noticed a couple after I had it sewn together. Oh, well. It's just a table runner. My guess is it'll get something spilled on it within the first year of it's use and it'll get relegated to a closet shelf fast enough.


Child Pillow Case: Done! The pink one was a kit of fabrics I bought from an LQS. I threw in an extra one to get rid of some stash fabrics too. Used the tube method--very easy, if you've never done it before! Fabric requirements: 3/4 yard main fabric, 9" x WOF for cuff, 2 1/2" strip for accent flange. (Those measurements are all pretty forgiving--if you can come close on the cuff, you're good, and the strip can be whatever width you want. The pillowcases pictured are the measurements I gave.)


9-Patch Pizzazz--Done!

I do love this technique. You can get as bold or as soft a quilt as you want! 

Works in Progress 

These are projects I'm actively working on in some way or another in my current rotation.

1. Baby Quilt #2: Quilt. Finish by March 1. (Didn't make March 1 but working on April 2!)

2. Autumn Jelly Roll Race: Quilt. 

3. Flying Home: Piecing (started April 15)

Unfinished Projects (UFOs) and next step

  1. Shabby Chic Jelly Roll Race: Decide about borders. May send out for quilting.
  2. "Vickie's Peacock": Quilting. (No date set yet.)
  3. Stonehenge Mariner's Compass: Quilting. (No date set yet.)
  4. Hand-dyed art quilt--circles (2 yrs): Still deciding if this will get finished or not.
  5. African Star String Quilt: Quilting. Will finish, no date set. May send out for quilting.
  6. Jelly Roll Sampler: Quilting. Will send out for quilting this spring.
  7. Taupe Guild BOM: Quilting. Will send out for quilting this spring.
  8. Annie Travel Bag: Construction. Will finish this spring if it kills me.
  9. Guild Paper-Pieced BOM: We're doing another Paper-Pieced BOM this year so I'm going to use that as the opportunity to make a few more blocks, until I feel like I've got enough to do something with it.
  10. Crazy Quilt (in progress): Embroidery and beadwork. Will continue working on it.
  11. Halloween Embroidery BOM: Will continue working on it. Deadline: Halloween 2018.
  12. Katerina Project: Piecing. (No date set yet.)
  13. Embroidery applique: Embroidery. (No date set yet.)

UFOs I've disposed of (in other ways than completing them)

  1. Hand-dyed art quilt--flames: Ditched. Didn't even like my hand-dyed fabric all that much, which was why it was experimental.
  2. Charlotte's Mystery 2015: Ditched what I had gotten done and re-stashed remaining fabric. (Too hard to figure out where I'd left off.) I am, however, probably going to do her current mystery.
  3. Assorted Art Quilts: Restashed all fabrics.
  4. Pillowcase for DD: Construction. Donated fabrics.
  5. Vicki's Rose: Donated.
  6. Graduation quilt: Ditched the couple of blocks already done. Restashed remainder of fabric.
  7. 2015 Craftsy Jinny Beyer BOM: Ditched what was done, restashed fabric. (It's Jinny Beyer after all!)
  8. Felted Wool Project: Ditched.
  9. Tote and Purse bin: Restashed fabrics and filed patterns.
  10. Cubby in cutting table: Restashed fabrics and filed patterns.